New Restaurant Opens in Downtown Jackson

Korean Family Inaugurates Restaurant "Taste of Cultures" With Foods From Different Countries

On December 10th, The Kims, a Korean family, opened a restaurant where they serve foods from different countries. A popular dish that has gained many customer's interest is the paella. This Spanish dish contains rice, shrimp, chicken, and other delicious foods. At Taste of Cultures, there are 23 countries represented. Some of these countries represented are Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, and Japan.

The Kims plan on expanding their restaurant into different part of the U.S. Mr. Kim says that the food served in his restaurant is natural and imported from different parts of the world. The average price for a dish at Taste of Cultures is $20. Mr. Smith, a customer of Taste of Cultures says, The food at this restaurant is worth every penny. It is simply amazing!

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