Our Staff

Jeff McNice - President

Jeff is a skilled individual with many years of experience in business, finance, and entrepreneurship. He has a master’s degree in business, and other degrees in art history, bakery science, romance, and comedic storytelling. He loves his job and he is probably the only person who knows what he is doing.

Bananana - Human Resources

Bananana is a person of many talents. Many people don’t understand her because she is a banana but that’s what makes her unique. She has lots of potassium and vitamins to share. She doesn’t like monkeys and she prefers cool weather.

King Dawg - Director of Operations

King Dawg is awesome. He is the cool guy you wanted to be in high school. He’s not just cool though, he’s charismatic. His hobbies include being cool, acting cool, and teaching others on how to be cool. Everything about Dawg is cool.

Joe - Information Technology

Not many people know Joe. He works in the shadows but everyone knows he’s there to help others. Most people haven’t even seen Joe. What we do know about Joe though, is that he is an expert with computers. He can build a website much faster than me; in fact, by the time I’m done with this assignment, he could’ve done a multi-page website with stunning visuals.